Lars and the Real Girl has been out awhile on DVD, but since this page of my Web site is new, and I’ve recently watched this movie for the second time, I thought I’d review it.

Lars (played by Ryan Gosling), is a quirky guy. There’s something wrong with him, and no one knows what. One night, he introduces a life-sized doll named Bianca as his new girlfriend. Neither his family nor friends know what to make of this, at first. But then they decide the best thing to do is to humor him. Soon, the whole town treats the doll as a real person. They give her a job, get her to volunteer at the hospital, invite her to parties. But then Lars develops feelings for Margo, an attractive co-worker, and finds himself in a uniquely hilarious love triangle. Throughout the process, Lars begins to heal and discovers the meaning of true love, romantic and otherwise.

Lars and the Real Girl is a whimsical, funny movie. I loved it. As the townspeople pull together for the sake of one of their own, all I can think is, “It takes a village . . . .” I think that, through this doll, not only does Lars benefit, but the entire town finds new meaning in life. Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, Kelli Garner and Patricia Clarkson also star.

I give this DVD five stars!

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