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Mary Felkins     - posted on 3/24/18

Great to read about a new author. Especially one who shares my same first name. Glad I stopped by and made a new connection

LoRee Peery     - posted on 3/9/18

I'm pleased to see my friend Mary here today. It's always fun to learn more about fellow authors.

Deb Piccurelli     - posted on 7/25/16

Lisa, it is my pleasure to host you on my website. I really enjoyed your book, too!


Lisa Lickel     - posted on 7/3/16

Thank you, Deborah, for hosting me with your thoughtful interview. I appreciate your support.

Deb Piccurelli     - posted on 2/26/16

Lina, thank you for visiting my website! I'm so glad you liked it. Please visit every month. I usually have a new author interview and giveaway. Trying to have other things, too. If you'd like to see some of my other work, I write a monthly column for Book Fun Magazine-an online magazine published by The Book Club Network, a Christian organization.

Thanks, again!

lina     - posted on 2/15/16

This website is very interesting to see. article was very interesting to read. I hope the article is always posted in this website useful for readers.

Anita May     - posted on 8/21/12

Wow, I can't wait to get started reading Hush Little Baby. It's the kind that will make me feel the whole range of emotions, I imagine. 

Deb Piccurelli     - posted on 8/20/12

Thank you all for signing my guestbook! I so appreciate that you took the time to check out my website! Hoping to get rolling on that Nuggets from God blog again, soon. Time is so fleeting!

DarleneAlex     - posted on 7/31/12

Wow, it's just too awesome! Great site! Keep Working!

Jenny     - posted on 5/5/12

James Kenny     - posted on 3/7/12

Lois Hudson     - posted on 2/26/12

Alexander Müller     - posted on 2/21/12

Deb Piccurelli     - posted on 6/25/11

Nicole, Thank you so much for your encouraging words. What a blessing! And I'm so glad to hear you've found the Lord. Please visit my website again. The content changes every month, with author interivews, reviews of their books, and drawings for free books!

Nicole Gesualdo     - posted on 5/30/11

I am so glad to have found your site. For years I was wandering until I found our Lord. Your work is inspiring,If anyone that feels the same way please feel free to contact me at

Jo     - posted on 4/21/11

I always enjoy reading your website.

MaryAnn Diorio     - posted on 2/28/11

It's so good to visit your website, Deb!  I pray God's blessings on your writing.



J. Aday Kennedy     - posted on 3/18/10


It's nice to meet you. I love your page & graphic. It really drew me into your site. Hope it doesn't snow too much more.


J. Aday Kennedy

The Differently-Abled Writer

Miralee Ferrell     - posted on 2/19/10

Hi Deb,

Thank you so much for the interview and featuring my new book, Love Finds You in Bridal Veil, Oregon, on your web site. It's such a joy to know you and I appreciate the support you've shown me over the years.

Blessing on your own work and all that you do.

Your friend, Miralee Ferrell

Kaylea     - posted on 6/15/09

Signing up to see if I can win Jill Eileen's book....

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