I was totally delighted by author Deborah Piccurelli's novel, Hush Little Baby. As a romantic suspense story it had my interest from the beginning, but the book still had to prove itself. I began by reading a few pages at a time, but it was so captivating, I had to devote a day for completing the story all at once!

Deborah develops the main characters and story right from the beginning. It moves at a fast pace, which is important for a suspense novel. The main character, Amber Blake who is an investigative reporter, begins working undercover at an abortion clinic and from that point on the danger escalates. Amber is a young and loveable Christian woman who sometimes takes her own path and has to face the difficult consequences. But with a strong spirit she manages to pull herself together by moving forward with God. Even so, this particular undercover work leaves Amber with some very difficult and new challenges.

She takes some hard knocks as a "little person," but she doesn't let that stand in the way, especially when it comes to getting justice for her twin sister of average height who met her death at the hands of Dr. Albert Hines who performs abortions and other atrocities within the clinic where she is working undercover. Amber finds herself confused by the doctor's advances toward her, hating what he does, yet believing him at times to be a gentle and misguided soul. Grounded only by her estranged husband Evan, who is also a reporter and the only man Amber loves, she is able to remain fixed on the truth that the doctor cannot be trusted. I questioned many times whether the doctor had some redeeming qualities or a reason for his profession, but I didn't have a clue until the end of this exciting story.

Hush Little Baby abounds with mystery concerning the strange murder of one of the employees at the clinic. Amber believes the murder may have something to do with a locked door inside Dr. Hine's office. That mysterious secret really kept me reading, and when I found out what it was, I wasn't disappointed! I was also shocked to find out the secret Amber was keeping from her husband after their separation. This is a must read book for lovers of suspense and romance! There's plenty of romance that Deborah has woven into the story very tastefully. She also shares the reality of abortion and fetal harvesting; subjects which are near and dear to her heart.

Deborah has a great writing style and understanding of how to write a great story! I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to read a unique story that inspires with the truth that anything can be accomplished in Christ and that forgiveness is a means of new beginnings.

By Margaret Lukasik




This is one of the most unique and compelling storylines I've read in years. There was suspense, intrigue and a lot of mystery to the story. I also enjoyed the romance and the undercover aspects of the story. Amber had a slew of secrets that ended up biting her in the butt, which was a bummer for her even though she'd caused a lot of her own heartache. At the same time, Amber had a soft heart and was not good at saying no when she needed to. Evan was pretty heroic for a guy also. Several times I wanted to applaud his valiant effort to save the love of his life.

I read this book pretty much straight through in less than two days. There was nothing boring about this story. I can't imagine seeing some of the things Amber saw and having to do some of the things she did at the clinic. I'd have fallen apart. Amber was a tough heroine who put herself in jeopardy for a worthy cause, which was to intervene in a very disgusting business. The author did a great job of bringing the morbidity of the trafficking home in the way she presented it.

Well-written and compelling, Hush Little Baby was a read I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel with quirky characters and a hard core moral dilemma at the center of the conflict. The villain in this story was very three-dimensional and I thought the author did a fantastic job of making him sympathetic even though he was a bit of a sicko. Sometimes it was easy to forget what he did. Great job!

Michelle Sutton, author of Decision to Love,
Out of Time, and It’s Not About Her


She's there to avenge her sister's death, but she might lose her own life while trying.

This author is not afraid to tackle an unpleasant subject. The story is set in an abortion clinic and that's enough to create conflict between most people. Ms. Piccurelli makes her main character a "little person" who's an investigative journalist. Amber has her own secrets that adds to the flavor of the story. Her twin sister was average size and died from the doctor's mistake during an abortion so Amber is willing to take on the doctor and the clinic. She has another secret, too.

The author adds Amber's estranged husband into the mix to give it some romance and add more misunderstandings. This keeps the story moving on several levels and it flows very nicely. Evan is also a little person, so he develops some jealousy when the regular sized doctor tries to put the moves on Amber.

The author gives Amber a very dangerous tightrope to walk. She wants to get information and will do what it takes to get it, but the doctor makes her uncomfortable. Her instincts are right on. This clinic holds more secrets than what you see from the front.

The plot is intertwined with a bit of the past and the present. Ms. Piccurelli gives Amber challenges in both the office and in her personal life. This is good read that holds your attention and makes you wonder how it's going to end. I enjoyed it even if the subject matter bothered me. There are abortion clinics and I'm sure some of those doctors might be looking for extra money, too. Be ready for some unpleasantness. Whatever you do, don't look behind the locked door into the chambers or you won't want to go to sleep again...

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This book was one that definitely kept my thoughts on the edge mostly 99.9% of the time. A Thriller for sure!
Being a twin myself and having that extra bond I could relate with Amber wanting to have justice done and served for the death of her twin sister. Amber's adventure was a real undertaking, the suspense had my heart racing alot. Amber's purpose and her thoughts and feelings of love only wanted me to keep reading to the very very end. Loved it!!

Ecclesiastes 3 "A Time for Everything"

Diane Jensen

This is the 2nd book I've read by Deborah. I found the moral and spiritual dilemma of her main character thought provoking. Does one put aside one's core beliefs to achieve a higher outcome for the good of many? This struggle plays out both in the main character's professional life and personal life. She resolves this very well while developing believable and rich characters. This is a style of writing I have always enjoyed. I am looking forward to her next novel!

Julia Scalise

I'm blessed to be Debbie's friend and have been with her on this journey throughout the whole process. I saw this book at its very conception! It's a great story that holds your interest, sets you on the edge of your seat at times, and has a satisfying ending for romantics. You won't see Amber and Evan, who are little people, any differently than regular sized people. This is a good romantic suspense read.

Pam Halter, freelance author and editor




“I grabbed this book with the intention of just reading a few pages. . . . But I was hooked immediately. I read the story almost straight through. . . . The tension between the hero and heroine was fabulous and honestly one of the best portrayals of romantic tension I’ve read in awhile. The kisses were delicious and probably my favorite scenes. But there was so much more depth to the story than that. Truly! Plus, the suspense was awesome and very well done. The people felt like my friends long before the book ended. I truly cared about them and I think I fell in love with Slade, too. His characterization and growth was perfectly done! I loved this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves romantic suspense. Michelle Sutton,,


“. . . the way the author connected the main characters occupations was brilliant. . . . an exceptionally written novel.” Tammy Hornbeck, Christian Book (


“An entertaining and spiritually uplifting story. A good book for your ‘need to read’ list.” Barbara Warren, barbarawarrennewsletter (


“If Piccurelli’s next novel takes up where this one left off, in terms of artistry, count me in. In the Midst of Deceit is worth your time. You will be in on the ground floor of a promising new writer.” Peg Brantley, Dancing Word Writers Network (


In the Midst of Deceit has intrigue and mystery. Romance and suspense. Love and faith. Deborah Piccurelli does a great job of creating characters who are three dimensional and realistic. We meet with all of them, seeing each one’s flaws and strengths. . . . The plot is done well and draws the reader into the story. . . . Overall, I recommend In the Midst of Deceit by Deborah Piccurelli. Allison M. Wilson, The Road to Romance (

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