When you think of an action movie, Liam Neeson is not the first actor you’d think of to star in it. But he did star in this one, and did an oh-so-wonderful job. As a retired government secret agent of some sort, he embraces the role, making it totally believable. His character, a divorced father, is duped into allowing his seventeen-year-old daughter follow a rock band on a European tour. Instead, the daughter and friend are abducted right out of their house shortly after arriving in Paris. While the abduction is taking place, father and daughter are conversing on the cell phone. He instructs her on what exactly to say and do, and uses that information to find her. As he methodically works his way from one lead to another, becoming the criminals’ worst nightmare, we are on the edge of our seats. Each heart-stopping action sequence is magnificently played out with machine gun velocity. This movie ends way before you want it to.

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