This was an independent film that won the Sundance Alfred P. Sloan Prize. When I first heard it was coming out in theaters, I paid attention, because the star, Hugh Dancy, is one of my favorites. Critics raved, and said it was not to be missed. I waited for its release date, but it only showed in one theater in my area for a very short time, during which I was unable to make it. So I had to wait another four months for the DVD.

Finally, I was able to watch this much anticipated movie, and believe me when I say the critics were so right. Adam, portrayed by Dancy, is a young man who has Asperger’s Syndrome. For those who aren’t familiar with this condition, it is a form of autism, where the individual is very high functioning, even brilliant in many areas, but lacking in the social skills in order to sufficiently navigate the world outside their own. The movie begins when Adam’s father, and primary caretaker, has passed away. Adam is now left alone to fend for himself; to do simple things, such as laundry, or shop for food, which he doesn’t immediately pick up on. One day, Beth (Rose Byrne), moves into an apartment on the floor below Adam, and when they meet outside the laundry room, strike up a friendship. Beth is a teacher at a local nursery school, and also an aspiring children’s book author. As time goes on, friendship turns into more, as the couple encounters the difficulties that can ensue in a relationship with two people from two different worlds. Lots of poignant humor, here.

The characterization was top-notch on the part of both actors, and I’m surprised that Hugh Dancy didn’t get a best actor Oscar nomination. The screenplay, direction, and everything else, to me, were expertly executed. I simply loved this movie, and thrilled I didn’t miss out. As the critics said: A must-see movie! 

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