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Even though I’m not a young adult, I consider myself young-at-heart. Consequently, I can enjoy books, movies, some music, etc. that target the young adult market. Michelle Sutton’s latest installment in her Second Glances series, It’s Not About Him, Book #2, is one such book.

If you’ve read any of my reviews of Michelle’s work before, you know I love all of her books. You would also know that one reason I do, is because, not only are her writing skills outstanding, but also because she is a courageous author for realistically tackling tough subjects. They are excellent learning tools for today’s youth.

In It’s Not About Him, Susie Ziglar, a secondary character from Book #1, had gotten drunk and passed out at a party she attended at the home of Jeff Rhodes. Later discovering she is pregnant, she considers having an abortion, but decides to place her baby for adoption, instead.

Guilt-ridden over Susie getting pregnant at one of his parties, Jeff offers to marry her so she can keep her baby. He wants to prevent that child having to live through what he had to after his birth mother gave him away. Susie refuses, insisting he should marry for love. But Jeff does secretly love her. Can he convince her he’s sincere before the adoption is finalized? Or can Susie make him understand that, as difficult as it may be, this is what’s best for her child?

For me, this story was another “Six Flag” emotional roller coaster ride from Michelle Sutton; exactly what I like in a novel. Her social worker expertise is evident in how her characters exhibit certain behavior patterns, and in how important issues are ultimately resolved. That’s a real bonus for the reader. I urge anyone who appreciates the elements I’ve described above to read It’s Not About Him. You won’t be sorry.

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