I have to admit that I cried more than once while reading these two books in the Safe Harbor series by Sally John. Sally’s writing technique and character development have a way of reaching into one’s heart and pulling out the deepest emotions. Really. I know, because I’ve read every one of her books. It’s what’s made her one of my top favorite authors.

In A Time to Mend, Max and Claire Beaumont seem to have the perfect marriage. They live in a beautiful home, have four wonderful children and everything else that success and money can buy. Max is a workaholic who believes that expensive gifts can replace family participation. Claire is his enabler by allowing herself to play second fiddle to his business under her misunderstanding of the Biblical precept of wifely submission. But after more than thirty-two years, she can no longer hold her peace and keep up appearances. After all the silent years, she must speak the truth.

As their lives unravel, deep needs and even deeper hurts are revealed. Not only the wounds between husband and wife, but family wounds, as well. Will this time of soul-searching and conflict bring them closer together—or tear their marriage apart?

In A Time to Gather, just months after they were on the brink of marital disaster, Max and Claire are blissfully planning their re-wedding ceremony. But gathering the support of their children is tough. Instead, the couple watches as their children suffer hidden heartaches. One is devastated by her military husband’s voluntary recruitment, another drinks way too much, and another steadfastly hides her pain away. Claire has no choice but to fall to her knees in prayer, and daily reminding herself that “God is good.” And starting fresh at the Hacienda Hideaway is perfect. There, Max and Claire fortify their strength to rebuild the family.

Then, in the midst of this deeply personal journey, two strangers unexpectedly enter their world, changing all they knew and trusted about each other. Whether they accept or reject these women will impact their family bond forever.

I love how Sally strips each character of their protective armor to reveal their hidden flaws and the deep-seated emotional damage they’d been nursing for years. She also skillfully and honestly demonstrates how faith in God plays a huge part in the healing.

There is much to learn here about the tiny intricacies of how a family can become dysfunctional and pass the trait down through generations. But more importantly, we are shown a way back to the right road in navigating the journey of life. In addition to being highly entertaining, these books are terrific tools in understanding broken marriages and familial relationships, and how to mend them. Recommended reading!

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