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The Lady’s Maid was a very pleasant read for me. I didn’t have to work hard to get through it, yet a genuine feeling of delight and satisfaction came over me as I read the last line.

In this story, Elise Finster travels from England to the States with Lady Ann Stone to assist her in locating a long lost uncle who would become the next Earl of Stoneford. As they collect information on his last whereabouts, they discover they must join a wagon train going west to track him down. But do these two seemingly pampered women have what it takes to make it? They’re determined to prove they do. Especially to one man in particular – Eb Bentley, a scout for the wagon train who Elise finds both trustworthy and attractive.

As they make their way West, Elise and Ann conquer the difficulties of living on the trail, and reverse the opinions of the other travelers, but can they thwart the sinister man who’s been following them all along? And will Elise and Eb recognize that spark of romance before she has to return to England?

I have to admit, I did become attached to the characters from the beginning. Susan Page Davis does a fine job of developing them, and getting the reader involved.

One of my favorite plots in a novel is the fish-out-of-water plot. The Lady’s Maid exceeded my expectations in that area, and most others. Like I said, a pleasant read all the way around. If you want a sweet romance, this is the book for you.

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