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I enjoyed reading this book very much. It held my interest from the start and all the way through.
The word “Circles” in the title makes so much sense once you know the story, which spans many years.

At young ages, Shaunna Chatman and Todd Jameson meet and fall in love. But Todd is in the military, and, as fate would have it, has to leave town shortly thereafter. The couple is never in contact throughout the years he is away, and Shaunna meets Joe Taylor, marries him, and subsequently has his child. Their marriage goes through some rough spots, and, at one point, Shaunna separates from him. At that time, Todd comes back into her life, and she realizes she still loves him, and he still loves her. But Shaunna also loves Joe. What a quandary to be in.

There are many twists and turns involving other characters who were there in the beginning of the story, and return later on. The changes that each one experiences are an integral part of the story.

One of the things that I liked was the intertwining of the lives of multiple characters. It’s what made this novel stand out from the crowd. Another thing I was glad to see was a miracle. I don’t want to give away any of the important story elements, but I wanted to make that known, because I believe in miracles. I believe that we don’t have to just settle for certain things in our lives that aren’t from God, and for me, it brings authenticity to the story. The way the miracle occurred was handled very well, not in a convenient manner.  The romances were emotional and sweet. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good, rich, love story that leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve turned the last page.


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