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This book had me hooked from page one. The characters are engaging and loveable. The plot is unique and fun.

Just like the main character in the book, Leta Breckenridge, I’m not a person who is normally into politics, but this story piqued my interest to what goes on behind the scenes. The things we don’t see, or know about. Some of it can be ruthless.

Because Leta never finished college in order to take care of her mother, she has difficulty finding employment that pays enough to keep her mother in a good assisted living facility. Consequently, she holds multiple part-time jobs leaving no time for a social life. But with one job interview, she is swept into the world of politics with a dark side that harbors secrets beyond her understanding. And through one fender bender accident with a Texas Senator, not only is Leta swirled more deeply into the world of politics, but into the publicity scene, as well.

As things become serious between Leta and Senator Nathan Emerson, so do activities at the public relations firm where she works. When she discovers she is being used to collect personal information about the Senator, who had decided to run for Governor of Texas, Leta cannot, in all good conscience, continue to work for The Ladd Agency. But Nathan never knew that’s where Leta worked. What will happen when Nathan finds out? Can he continue to trust Leta? Will it affect his campaign for Governor? Will it affect their budding relationship?

This is one of those stories you wish never ended. If you like a really good romance with a touch of suspense, this novel is for you.

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