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            Michelle Sutton certainly lives up to her tagline as “the Edgy Inspirational Author” with this novel. Several times, as I read Never Without Hope, I found myself wanting to go find a fan. The thing about Michelle’s writing is that she’s not afraid to tackle the tough stuff; the subjects Christian readers want to know about, but are afraid to ask.

            In Never Without Hope, Hope and James Williams are experiencing intimacy issues. Hope feels neglected and insecure, and falls into an adulterous affair with a man she meets on a plane. This man, Tony Perotta, lives in the same small town where Hope and her family live. Things get sticky when both their spouses find out about the affair, bringing about even more complications. All along Hope is sick about what she’s been doing, yet, she can’t seem to stop. As a Christian, she is ashamed to bring her plight to God. But she needs to do some serious repentance before she loses everyone important to her.

            I thoroughly enjoyed this story, but I must issue a warning to those readers who are sensitive about explicit language and adult situations. I believe that these elements are necessary to the authenticity of the story, but parents should note that this is not a book for youngsters. Still, I highly recommend Never Without Hope, and especially to women who find themselves in the same circumstances as Hope Williams.

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