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An Unexpected Romance is a lovely story. It’s about widowhood, re-entry into the dating scene after many, many years in a happy marriage, and the second time around.

In An Unexpected Romance, Elizabeth Parker has no thought of marrying again, since her husband died two years before. She took over running their real estate business, and managing their apartment complexes. Despite that, finances aren’t so great with the downturn in the economy. On top of that, her drug-addicted son, Seth, constantly hits her up for money. And that’s a touchy subject, not open to discussion with anyone.

Mark Crandall returns to Greenville to sell the house he inherited from his mother. Running into an old friend leads him to meeting Elizabeth, to whom he is instantly attracted. This was not in his plans, either. He’d been widowed for some time—much longer than Elizabeth, but the thought of re-marriage hadn’t occurred to him.

Elizabeth is afraid of the feelings Mark stirs within her. She believes they mean she is being unfaithful to her deceased husband, who she’d been married to for over 40 years. But could God have brought the two of them together for another chance at love and happiness?

I have to admit that the prose could use some polishing, but it’s never unclear whose point of view you’re in, and the story never lags.

The target audience for this novel is senior citizen women who would like to identify with characters in their age bracket, and I believe the author has hit the bull’s-eye!

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