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Janessa McNeil’s life is perfect. Or so it seems. But one man’s quest for revenge jump-starts a series of events that will break the tenuous threads that hold it all together.

Janessa’s husband, Dr. Brock McNeil, a renowned researcher and professor at Stanford University’s Department of Medicine, has convinced the medical and health insurance communities that chronic Lyme disease doesn’t exist. Lives have been destroyed because of it.

Now, one man in particular wants to make Dr. McNeil see what Lyme disease is really like. What better way than to make him experience the ravages of the disease by infecting his wife and daughter?

Brandilyn Collins’ signature Seatbelt Suspense is enhanced by the interlacing of certain aspects of her own encounter with Lyme disease. With every pain Janessa bore, every “air hunger” episode, every physically weak moment, I asked myself, “Did poor Brandilyn have to endure all this?” It seems obvious that she had by how deeply the reader can feel it herself.

The well-known “creep factor” element inherent to most of Collins’ works is present here, too. There are more than enough chills and thrills to sustain you from the first page to the last.

I’d venture to say that Collins has outdone herself by taking an insect contracted disease, and ingeniously weaving a unique and exciting story around it.

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