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As sweet romances go, June Foster’s A Hometown Fourth of July fits the bill, but there is so much more of an underlying story. The main plot is inspired by a real-life relative of the author, so we can see why the details are right on target.

Max Tate had been adopted into a wealthy, prominent family in the town of Ft. Freedom. But he had always felt disconnected; like he didn’t really belong. Memories of a Hispanic woman plague him, and he wants to track down his birth mother. Max’s parents deny him any information about the woman. As a result, he becomes depressed.

Lynn Marshall had issues with her older sister, Kara, feeling used whenever Kara needed her to babysit. She felt her sister expected her to be available on demand.

When Lynn and Max meet at a town July 4th celebration, the circumstances aren’t desirable. Lynn’s niece, Jada drops ice cream onto Max’s head from her perch in a high tree. But soon, Lynn and Max become friends, then move on to dating. At first, Max has an ulterior motive for seeing Lynn. Though he is genuinely attracted to her, he realizes her employment as a research analyst at the Office of Program Research in Olympia could help him find his birth mother. As they spend time together, though, Max helps Lynn find the Lord, and they come to care for one another. As Lynn helps Max dig up information, secrets are revealed that could crush their developing relationship. Will love conquer all in this situation?

Overall, A Hometown Fourth of July was a pleasant read. I liked how the author wove situations into the story that are supported by Scripture, like forgiveness, loneliness, self-worth, and feeling loved. The romantic elements proved satisfying, too.

If you like sweet romances based on Biblical principles, and books inspired by true events, this book is for you.


(Rating For Goodreads: Four Stars

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