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All of Sally John’s works compel me to think deeply about certain aspects of life, but for some reason, Desert Gift had me pondering on so many levels. I feel this novel would be a splendid tool for any couple whose longtime marriage may be heading toward that “unexpected turn.”

In Desert Gift, Jillian Galloway is a highly successful marriage expert with a radio show, speaking engagements, and a new book release. Everything’s terrific, right? Right—until just as she’s leaving for a West Coast publicity tour, her faithful husband of twenty-four years rattles her world: He wants a divorce.

With her once stable life torn to pieces, Jill flees to her parents’ home in the California desert, wondering if everything she’s built her career and life around is a sham. She thought she’d done everything right, and followed her own advice. So how did her marriage slowly slip away? And will she ever get it back?

Desert Gift covers a lot of ground about marriage. I truly hated to put the book down, because I got so entrenched in the characters lives. Sally has such a way with words as to pull the reader into the story, turning our lives upside down right along with the characters’. Sally’s superb prose carries you along on the proverbial emotional roller coaster, and you emerge from the story exhausted, but satisfied and elated. I could go on and on expounding on the wondrous qualities contained within this book’s pages, but there’s neither the time nor the space. I think you get the picture.

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