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What if the impossible were possible?

That’s the question Jeremiah Bentley faces when, in spite of being in a wheelchair, he desires to ride a pony.

Everyone around him adamantly expresses that he will never be able to ride, but one man of faith, Jake the farmhand, inspires Jeremiah to hope and to try. He goes to the stable and tries to mount one of the horses, but fails. He feels that because he couldn’t do it the first time, he’ll never be able to. But Jake says that, even though he failed, it was good that he tried, because it meant he believed. He explains that the Bible tells us that “All things are possible to him who believes.”

So, can believing in something make it come true? Find out when one boy’s determination takes him to a place where nothing seems impossible.

I truly enjoyed this book and the message it conveys to the children who will read it. Do Angels Ride Ponies? not only teaches the truth of God’s Word, but also the potential each one of us has when we believe and act on that truth.

MaryAnn Diorio has created genuine characters and an authentic setting. I could really imagine being on that farm. And I can still hear the tires of Jeremiah’s wheelchair crackling on the gravel on the grounds around his home.

I believe this book will be enjoyed by all who read it in its targeted age group, and more!

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