Linore Rose Burkard


This sequel in Linore Rose Burkard’s Regency inspirational romance novels is a delightful read. Here, we get to delve more deeply into the personality and qualities of the hero and heroine, Phillip Mornay and Ariana Forsythe.

When we left them in the first volume, Before the Season Ends, the couple had become engaged. But in The House in Grosvenor Square, we’re treated to the dilemmas and obstacles they encounter in the last weeks before their wedding. Fast paced, with lots of surprises and twists, that I will not mention, for fear of giving away some of the plot. I will say that we get a taste of how deeply the couple’s love has grown and matured, as well as their faith. By the end of the book, both Ariana and Phillip realize that they are two very different people than they were at the beginning of the first book. Linore continues to master the Regency-ese speech, setting, attire, etc., so that we’re plucked from the present and set down in the very center of that era.

If you liked Linore Rose Burkard’s first novel, you’ll love this one, too. I guarantee it. I highly recommend this book!

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