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To be honest, I procrastinated reading this book, since I am not interested in Greek mythology. But when the time came that I absolutely had to, I began reading with trepidation. Not for long, though. I was instantly and completely drawn in.

I had no idea what this story would be about, but it was a delight. Author, David Gelber finds a unique way to showcase history and humanity through the ages in great detail. He really did his homework. This author has several other books out, for those interested. After reading this one, you just might be.

In this novel, Quinton the Minotaur Man has lived for thousands of years, much to his sorrow. He experiences the best and worst of human nature down through the years, but never quite finds a way to fit in, and is very lonely. The one time he does, finally finding true happiness, his heart is soon ripped apart as never before.

If I write anything else, I’ll be giving away secrets, and I want readers to discover these wonders on their own. So suffice it to say, anyone who likes fantasy, inspirational, mythology, or just a darn good story, at any age, will enjoy this book.

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