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In Thicker than Blood, Christy Williams is a book lover. More than that, she’s an antique book lover, fast becoming an expert. She works at her dream job in an antique book store, while the owner’s son preps her to become a buyer at auction. Then a stolen Hemingway first edition leads her back to the younger sister she abandoned years ago, fearing for her life. Christy and May have a bittersweet reunion, but seek to discover if family ties are thicker than blood.

This is a novel that I was able to really sink my teeth into. One of those books with meat to it, if you know what I mean. The characters aren’t all shiny, perfect, goody-two-shoes. On the contrary, they have messy, mixed-up lives. Christy is an alcoholic and a smoker. In fact, she nurses a bottle or lights up a cigarette pretty frequently throughout the story, especially when things get rough, as would any real person with addictions. Another thing about her is that she had been living with her unsavory boyfriend, and left him, but allows him to lure her back to his place after bailing her out of jail. See what I mean? Messier by the minute, just like real life, which makes the payoff and the takeaway all the more sweet. There’s more, but I don’t want to reveal too much.

Thicker than Blood is a Christian Writers Guild award winner, so you can trust its excellence. I intend to watch for more from C.J. Darlington, because I think she’ll go far in the Christian publishing business.

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