Simply put, I loved this book. I did not want to put it down. From page one, the story and characters gripped me and never let go until the very end.

In Hannah Grace, Sharlene Maclaren’s first volume in The Daughters of Jacob Kane series, Hannah is the oldest of three sisters. Being a practical young woman, she has her life planned out in an orderly fashion. Until the new sheriff arrives in town. Gabriel Devlin has sworn off women, because he’s met one too many who are more interested in money than in God.

Hannah tries to ignore her attraction to him, as she plans to marry the town doctor—if he’d ever get around to asking. But when she and Gabe are thrown together through the care of an orphaned boy named, Jesse, God works on her heart. Does He help her discern His plan for her life? And will it include Sheriff Devlin?

All of the characters in this book are vibrant and colorful, right down to the neighbor who seems to suffer from dementia. Not that I thought it was needed, but Sharlene’s writing has improved in such a way that, if possible, I feel more a part of the story than in previous books. That’s saying a lot, since those were fantastic, too! One thing’s for sure, Michael Landon, Jr. needs to make a Hallmark movie based on Hannah Grace!

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