This is the first inspirational pirate romance I’ve read, and I have to say it lacks nothing from its general market counterparts, save for the graphic sex and questionable language. I wondered if Tyndall would be able to pull it off, and she did so beautifully.

Lady Isabel Ashton had been abducted and violated by a formidable pirate, then is left to bear his child alone. Having been banished to Port Royal as damaged goods, she longs to be reinstated to her privileged social class, and marry an English nobleman. But then her baby is kidnapped.

Captain Kent Carlton, the man who ravished Isabel, finds himself in love with the lady, and, seeking her forgiveness, has searched every port for her. In his travels, he comes across Richard Sawkins, a nobleman who claims to know where he can find both Isabel and their son.

When Captain Carlton shows up on Isabel’s doorstep, vowing to help her find their baby, she is wary of trusting him, but knows nowhere else to turn. Together, they take to the sea, along with Sawkins, and encounter many obstacles, from cannon-fire to mutiny.

M.L. Tyndall’s style is satisfyingly realistic. I was made to feel as though I experienced every situation right along with Isabel and Kent. Much of it had to do with Tyndall’s talent in crafting delightful prose. Consider this sample sentence:

The words formed a rope of agony that strung itself around Kent’s throat, squeezing the life from him.

I found The Restitution to be a fast-paced page-turner, containing all the elements of what I’d call “an excellent read.” You’ll find adventure, conflict and romance within its pages. You’ll also find it difficult to leave that world and return to your own. I highly recommend this book.

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