Deborah M. Piccurelli

What is Christmas spirit? Is it the giving we do at this time of year? How about the need to attend family and friendly gatherings? The anticipation? All of these things are a part of Christmas spirit, but there’s more, I think.

First, we need to determine what Christmas is truly all about. For me, it’s not about the parties and presents, or decorating and singing carols. It’s something beyond all that. It’s about love. Not human love, but Divine love. A love so selfless and great, that God came to earth and sacrificed Himself, so that I can undeservedly spend eternity in heaven. That sacrifice began on the first Christmas, with the birth of Jesus. It was His gift to anyone who would accept it.

Have you accepted this awesome gift? I have. And now, my joy stems from that. It’s more than the superficial happiness I experience when I tear the wrapping from a present that turns out to be a much desired material object. It’s an emotion that’s seated in the knowledge that I’ve received the Perfect Gift that demonstrates the Perfect Love. Nothing can top it. This joy permeates my soul and my life.

Which is where Christmas spirit comes in. Because of my joy, the door is opened for me to extend it to others. If it permeates my life, as mentioned above, then others will see it and catch it. This Christmas spirit will enhance all of the other holiday activities we enjoy: the giving, the gathering, the good will.

It suddenly occurs to me, though, that this is not something to be confined to the holidays. No. I need to make my Christmas spirit be my everyday spirit.

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