Last month, during a visit from my friend Pam, we got into a discussion on the subject of cursing (or what some of you may refer to as swearing, using foul or bad language, etc.). I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

            We know that the Bible tells us, in so many words, to mind every word that proceeds out of our mouths. That would include using curse words. Lots of people fling them around flippantly every day, usually out of anger. Some use them to punctuate a specific thought, as if they really mean what they’re saying. But in reality, swearing only bogs down what we’re trying to say with empty words.

            Whatever it is we want to convey, many of us agree that using off-color language is disrespectful to anyone within earshot. But what if we use words that are substitutes, such as “darn,” “heck,” or “jeez?” Because we’re not saying the actual curse, are we really not cursing? If the thought is there, does using a gentler word make the meaning any less caustic? In my personal opinion, no, it does not. If what we say comes from the heart, then just because we disguise it with not-so-bad language, doesn’t alter how we really think and feel.

            I’d like to hear from others, those who agree, or disagree, alike. Please contact me through this website, and type “cursing” in the comments box. I’ll look forward to any comments.

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