By Deborah M. Piccurelli

A recent small article in my local newspaper touted a festival for Pagan Pride Day that would take place in Philadelphia the next day. I cringed at the headline.

I know the average Joe thinks nothing of such a celebration, but as a Christian, I am offended on several levels.

First, has anyone ever heard of a festival celebrating Christian Pride Day? Would it even be allowed if such a day existed? I guess the answer is obvious, and that’s why one doesn’t.

Secondly, the article makes this event sound like a “family togetherness” activity, while recognizing such alternative religious beliefs and practices as Heathenism (a pre-Christian system), and Wicca. Really, now. Would you take your children to learn about these cults?

Families are “invited to attend,” “interact with a unique assortment of vendors,” and, “most importantly, learn something beyond the ordinary.” I feel sorry for the couples who might dangerously allow their children to be educated in devil worship. Years later they’ll be kicking themselves when their teen is embroiled in one of these groups because mom and dad taught them it was a normal religious denomination. Or, they’ll cluelessly wonder what happened to turn their child’s mind to the “dark side.” Or, worst of all, they’ll blame God for letting it happen.

I would like readers’ thoughts on this subject. Are you as offended as I am? Worried for the future of our children? Aghast at the stupidity of our society? Am I being too sarcastic?

Please write me.

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