Deborah M. Piccurelli


            I’ve recently completed a manuscript for a novel I’d been working on for a few years. It’s never taken me so long to write a book before, and I feel like I’ve been living in the world of that story all the while. Now that it’s finished, I feel like I’m drifting in outer space with nothing to hold onto, unable to touch my feet down onto a secure surface.

            I have begun work on the next book, but it’s only in its early stages. That world has not yet become a part of me. Yes, I have my real life to live, but as a writer, I need that other world, too. Otherwise, I am in limbo. Why this is, I don’t know. Perhaps it helps me to deal with the stresses of my everyday life; a creative outlet. I suppose this is similar to someone watching a movie for relaxation, or reading a book, or listening to music.

            So why this feeling of detachment? I wonder if every writer feels this way at one time, or another. If you are an author reading this, and you experience anything close to what I’m describing, please write and let me know. Maybe you’ll have an answer. In the meantime, I’ll continue working on my next project, creating for myself a place where I am in control. Yes, there will be tragedy and conflict in that place, but there will always be a happy ending.

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