Everyone’s been bombarded with visuals, audio, and print about Prince William and Kate Middleton these past couple weeks. At the time of this writing, there are four days until the big day. I’m not one to really care much about the lives of famous people from other countries, but I do enjoy a good fairytale. And that’s what this whole she-bang is to me.

I’m not into the reality shows where the cast is competing to see who can design the best wedding dress for the future princess. I don’t have an interest in the morning talk show segments with an anchor man or woman planted in London, and reporting on every move and step the young couple will make on their wedding day. None of the “real” stuff appeals to me. Funny, but the only thing I really watched this past week, and more than once, was the television movie that told their story. I’m aware that much of it is fictionalized. I am aware that much of it is glamorized. I am also aware that much of it is blown out of proportion. So why did I watch it, and (ahem!) enjoy it? Because, as I said early on, to me, it’s a fairytale. When I look at the actors portraying these very real people, that’s what I see—the actors. I do know this is about these two young people’s lives, but I have a difficult time correlating the true life and the fiction. Even though the actors resembled the real Prince William and Kate Middleton, it wasn’t enough to make me keep them in mind throughout the entire movie.

I felt the same way about the numerous movies about Charles and Diana. I did so enjoy them, but didn’t know the real people well enough to say, “Oh, yeah, that’s just the way Diana would act in that situation.” And when their marriage hit the rocks, those stories became more of a fairy tale to me than ever. I do sincerely hope, though, that William and Kate’s marriage fares better than William’s parents’ did. That would be the ultimate fairytale ending.

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