I don’t get it. Actor Charlie Sheen has been reported as an abuser, a criminal, and a drug addict, yet the American people rave over him. They still worship him, not in spite of his antics, but because of them. How backward is that? I saw a film clip of his visit to the Jimmy Kimmel show the other night and I couldn’t believe the huge applause he received. The audience turned manic, cheering wildly, as Sheen threw t-shirts out to them from a paper bag. But not before he planted a big, juicy kiss right on Jimmy’s lips. I could see the host was a little disgusted by it, but graciously refrained from swiping his sleeve across his mouth.

I’m not sure I understand what sort of game Sheen is playing with this “tour” he’s been on. I’ve heard some of these appearances being touted as “concerts.” I wasn’t aware that he could sing. If he doesn’t, then what do they consist of?

Mr. Sheen seems very proud of his immoral lifestyle. He was briefly caught on camera out in LA by a popular TV gossip show. As they chatted with him from across a street, he shamelessly engaged in a make-out session with the young woman who hung on his arm. Perhaps she was one of the “goddesses” he claims live with him. His behavior in the media, in my opinion, is inexcusable. He’s shown aggression and disrespect to the studio and network that employ him, yet—and this is the kicker—it has been reported that they may offer him his old job back. This I cannot fathom.

Don’t get me wrong, I do feel sorry for Charlie Sheen. Not because I feel his employer has done him an injustice, but because he is destroying himself—physically, mentally, socially. And he is destroying his family. They have my sympathy most of all.

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