I have recently been thinking about the lousy state of our economy. Well, who hasn’t been, right? But it has been in dire straits for some time, now, and our efforts have been increasingly difficult.

I am reminded of the times when other countries fall victim to some natural disaster, and our nation rushes to lend a helping hand, whether physically or monetarily. The situation in Haiti brought together some celebrities here who put on a telethon. In the distant past, I recall concerts such as Live Aid and Farm Aid.

Now, our own country needs us. Our government, actually. I wonder that someone hasn’t come up with a plan such as those we implement to help other countries. Why wouldn’t anyone, especially celebrities, want to help their own government? I picture a concert where musicians and performers strut their stuff, while others man the phones, recording the pledges of callers. Or how about actors, directors, producers, and screenwriters teaming up to create an epic film whose profits go to the federal coffers where it is most needed? I even wonder if something could be worked out where celebrities and wealthy citizens could purchase businesses in their areas around the country, for the jobless and homeless to run. It would essentially be their own business—an employee owned company. This would not only create jobs, but it would boost the morale of the poor, as well as our economy.

Perhaps all of these ideas are far-fetched, but just imagine if we, the people, united to make all of the above happen at various times and places throughout the States, how we could chip away at the deficit. Wouldn’t that help some?

I would appreciate hearing from you with your views on the subject. Even if you want to call me a loony bird.

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