Deborah M. Piccurelli

At the time I write this, where I live, we haven’t quite seen full evidence that spring has arrived, even though it’s officially here. Everyone I know loves this most wonderful of seasons and never have I met a person who doesn’t. It’s filled with such awesome beauty that not one of us can miss. That’s why I can look around and see undeniable proof of God’s existence: hundreds of varieties of colorful flowers, trees and other foliage; different species of animals whose offspring are born during this season of “the new.” And there’s so much more.

But just as all of the above testifies to the fact that these wonders of the earth could not have been brought about without a purposeful, intelligent plan no mere human mind can fathom, they also reveal something of our Creator’s personality. The obvious, of course, is that he loves beauty. A sense of humor is also evident. Some animals’ looks and ways can make us laugh, or even some forms of vegetation. Besides, if God didn’t have a sense of humor, then none of us certainly could. Especially since we are made in his image. And speaking of us, just knowing how intricately put together our physical bodies, minds and spirits are shows how much he loves and cares for us. On the physical side, our bodies can heal themselves, provided we don’t dissipate them. And our minds can hold innumerable pieces of information we can use in a variety of ways. Our spirit? That’s what God gave us to point us toward him; that part of us that craves what only he can give us. These elements all work together to form our unique, complicated selves.

So can any of us truly believe in other theories? Does all of this amazing beauty and wonder seem as though it just came into existence on its own? Could it really have “banged” itself into being? If you’re not sure, think about it thoroughly. Do a little research. Then decide for yourself.

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