As a child, the first things that would come to mind when I thought about Easter was the Easter Bunny and all that sweet, lovely candy. But not anymore. Now, that most holy of days holds more meaning for me. Sure, while growing up I learned about Jesus and the Crucifixion, but I always wondered why that had to be. What was the reason he went through that if he was God and could have snuffed out the entire world with just a look or a thought? I was told he saved us from our sins, but no one explained how.           

Once I became an adult, married with two children, I switched over to a Bible-believing, nondenominational church and began reading Scripture. In those two places is where I found the truth. Finally! It all made sense. To know that Jesus willingly died to pay the price for my sin, past, present and future, so that I could live in eternity makes every bit of hardship I experience in life worth it. And the good times are all the more sweet.

So now that I know the truth, what do I do with it? The Bible tells me that I am to admit to being a sinner, trust in Jesus as my savior and try to live out my faith by acting in a Christ-like manor at all times. Not so easy, right? In fact, it’s excruciatingly difficult. But God knows of our sin-nature and tells us he’ll never leave us or forsake us. He is working in our lives to mold us into the likeness of his Son, so that by the end of it, he will see us as worthy to enter Heaven. What a comfort!

I know that when my time here on earth is finished, Heaven is where I want to go. What about you?

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