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            I don’t live far from Philadelphia, the city where Kermit Gosnell has been charged with eight counts of murder—seven babies, and one adult patient. You’ve probably heard of him, by now, as I think this case has had national coverage. I can not say I am shocked by the news, as I’ve known this kind of thing has been happening for some time, all over the world. I am, however, nonplussed, saddened, and downright angry that this man has been allowed to operate such an establishment for four decades.

            For those reading this that aren’t aware of the case, Gosnell owned what he called The Women’s Medical Society. Ironically, the only qualified medical staff working there was Gosnell himself. It is reported that a few of his staff had attended medical school, but were not licensed, and no nurses were employed there.

            The murders Gosnell has been charged with are seven babies that were born alive during third trimester, labor-induced procedures. His solution was to stick scissors into the babies’ necks and sever their spinal cords; a technique he refers to as “snipping.” There have been many such procedures done at the clinic over the years, but some files have been falsified, and some have been destroyed.

            The eighth murder was a refugee patient, Karnamaya Mongar. After signing papers she couldn’t read, clinic staff began doping her up. They gave her repeated, unmonitored, unrecorded intravenous injections of the dangerous sedative, Demerol. After several hours, Mrs. Mongar stopped breathing. Gosnell was called in, and he briefly tried CPR. He did not administer any emergency drugs to restart her heart. Paramedics were called, and clinic staff hooked up machinery and rearranged her body to look like she died during a routine abortion procedure. But any slim chance of reviving Mrs. Mongar was dashed by cluttered hallways and a padlocked emergency door.

            For details of many other of the horrors found at The Women’s Medical Society during a raid, read the 261-page Philadelphia Grand Jury report at I tried to include some of the info, here, but my stomach isn’t strong enough, and I had to delete it.

            All of the above is despicable enough, but I have to wonder what goes through the mind of a man who performs such services amid the filth of cat feces, bloodstained floors and blankets, disposable instruments that are being reused and broken equipment? Further, what kind of witch doctor is he to keep bags, jars, and plastic jugs containing fetal remains in cabinets, the basement, and the freezer?

            I saw a film clip on the TV news of Gosnell walking into what I believe was the courtroom. He was all smiles, as if he did nothing wrong, not a care in the world, apparently no remorse. I even read a report where he stated that he doesn’t understand the murder charges for the babies he killed. He could understand Mrs. Mongar, but not the babies.

            I hope and pray with all my might that authorities never, ever let a thing like this happen again. Let Kermit Gosnell be an example.

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