It’s a new year and I need some new goals to strive for. Well, actually, some of my new goals will be the same as my old ones. I just might have to go about reaching them in new ways.

So here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. To be a better witness for Christ. I know there’s lots of room for improvement in this area. I need to pray for opportunities to let my light shine.
  1. Be the best wife and mom I can be. This is something I try to do every day.
  1. As an author, offer up my best possible work. This, of course, is something I try for every day, too.
  1. Find an agent to represent my work. I’ve recently completed my latest project, and I’m ready to get it out there.
  1. Sell my novel. Of course, I’ll need the help of the aforementioned agent to do that, but I’d like that person to come along side me, helping me to develop and implement my plan for success; someone willing to team up with me.
So that’s it. Five lofty goals. But I have them and they give me something to work toward; to give my all for. They’re not easy to accomplish, but once I do, I know the best feeling of satisfaction will come over me, and then . . . peace.

I have a wish for this New Year, too. My wish is that every one of you will accomplish your own goals and reap the rewards. I hope you’ll then experience that peace that comes afterward; the peace that assures that all is well in your world.

Happy New Year.

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