Normally, we all want to make some New Year’s resolution that will make us feel we’ve accomplished something, or like we’ve made some change for the better. We want to go on that diet we’ve been putting off, or pursue a more prestigious job, or any number of other goals. I’ve thought of a few things, myself, but I know they’ll be quickly forsaken as the momentum of everyday life resumes once the holiday glow disappears. I figure maybe there’s something else. Something different that won’t involve outside implements. I want to reach inside myself and see what I can find. Hopefully it will serve to change me as a person, not just my statistics.
            How will I do this? I’m not really sure. I could start by studying my surroundings to see what sparks emotion within me. Perhaps there is some injustice occurring that I could help put to rights, or an elderly person needing a hand. For me, these goals are much easier to attain than the standard ones, and much more rewarding.

            At the time I write this, I don’t yet know what one specific thing I’ll choose. I may incorporate several, or just vow to look for every possible opportunity to contribute something. That could mean giving of my time, my goods, financially, or even of myself. But whatever I do, I am determined not to make it about myself, but about serving my neighbor.

            As I go through the year 2008, I hope to find lots of ways to make a difference, no matter how small. One act at a time; one person at a time. And that’s just about the best resolution any of us can make.

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