Ronie Kendig

Roni Kendig, author of Dead Reckoning, has a new novel just out, and I’m thrilled to have her back for another interview.

Welcome back, Ronie!
Thank you so much! It’s wonderful to be back—and thank you for having me. It’s an honor!

Ronie, please tell us about your most recent release, Nightshade.
Nightshade is about former Navy SEAL Max Jacobs who’s fighting a new battle—the home front. Nightshade is the first book in the Discarded Heroes series, and will be followed in January 2011 by Digitalis.

What prompted you to write about PTSD?
Seeing the brutal evidence of combat-related PTSD and the havoc it wreaks on our heroes and their families. When I started the series, there wasn’t as much discussion about it as there has been in the last few months, but it’s a problem our country needs to wake up and stand up, ready to assist those who’ve put everything on the line for freedom.

How did you research the military and special ops maneuvers, along with the realistic descriptions of the terrain your characters tromped through?
I’ve read a lot of factual, first-hand accounts of combat, watched a lot of videos, and talked with those who’ve been there. It’s very tempting to Hollywood-ize these scenes and events, but that’s exactly what I didn’t want. The purpose of the series is to be realistic and accurate (as much as I can be). Also, former Army Ranger, adventure reporter, and editor Chuck Holton, who has embedded with Oliver North in Afghanistan and Iraq, read Nightshade for accuracy (any mistakes are purely mine!) and is part of my arsenal for military details. I want the story to resonate with readers and with the families and heroes. To do that, I must be as accurate as possible.

I’ve mentioned in reviews how your novels are like an action movie. Why do you think you write those action scenes so well?
I’ve wondered this myself because this is a compliment that I hear often (and one that really blesses me!), but I think it’s because that’s how I see the scenes. It’s as if there’s this mini projector in my head and I slow down the reel to take the action second-by-second. I love those scenes, so I want them to really come off the page, so I spent a lot of time on them.

Is there anything you’ve learned about PTSD that didn’t make it to any of your books, but that you feel people should know?
To make stories interesting and fascinating, you have to sort of (for lack of better words) “gloss over” the details. If I provided detailed descriptions of PTSD, its effects, and some treatments, etc., it could potentially weigh down the story. Integrating the brutal reality without cluttering the content is tough. I think what is the most realistic aspect that is not in my books at this time is the horrible fact that many marriages fail, that there are heroes who have lost hope and end their lives. That’s a tragic reality that hurts to even mention here. It’s why I’m writing this series. To open the minds of readers, to open dialogue so our heroes can share their thoughts without prejudice or judgment. . .so theses heroes know that someone cares. Someone is praying for them. 

Ronie, please remind everyone where they can find you on the Web.
I’m pretty much all over these days. You can find me here:

Discarded Heroes website:
Blog: or
Twitter user name: roniekendig

Thanks so much for returning for another interview. May the Lord bless you richly in all of your endeavors.

Thank you so much! It’s always an honor!!

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