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Deborah M. Piccurelli is passionate about the Lord, family, and creating powerful prose. She writes romantic suspense stories woven around dark, obscure issues. Deborah likes reading, movies, family time, and friendly get-togethers. She lives with her family in New Jersey.

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Dear Friends,

So 2014 is gone and a new year has begun. Have you all made resolutions? I haven’t. I usually don’t. I figure if there’s anything I need to change, I shouldn’t wait until a new year starts to do it. And what if I fail to keep it? At least I wouldn’t have the extra guilt on me that I broke a resolution.

Anyway, I hope everyone is recovered from the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and ready to leap into new ventures and adventures. I know I am. I have a new novella releasing in early spring titled, Love Comes Calling, and I’m very excited about it! I’ll be posting updates over the next couple months, so stay tuned.

This month, my dear friend, Michelle Sutton, is here to visit with an interview and giveaway. You should also read my review of her book, Her Innocence.

The winner of last month’s giveaway for Lena Nelson Dooley’s novel, Catherine’s Pursuit, is Roe Martinelli. Congratulations, Roe!

That’s all for now. See you next month!


Deborah M. Piccurelli

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