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Why Does Satan Hate Us?

It has been said that Satan hates us (Christians). Have you ever wondered why? I have. The question that has most swirled through my mind has been, “What did I ever do to Satan to make him hate me? If anything, he should have been happy to have had me as a slave for so long.

I went on the internet fo see what those who know exceedingly more than I do about it had to say. I found a couple reasons that make sense, and even backed by Scripture. One is, that it is his nature. Another is that he hates us because he hates God, and God loves us. One post says it’s because we have privileges that the devil never had.

Building on what the Bible says and my last post, could it be possible that Satan hates us because God gave us power over anything that comes under the curse? Satan actually wanted to be like God, too. But God gave that privilege to us, and now we have what the devil wanted.

Something to think about, isn’t it?



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